Drop off and pick up times are by appointment; we'll confirm these with you when we confirm your booking. Check in and check out days are charged as full days unless collected before 10am. All days booked are charged for, even if pets are collected before booked departure date. A two day minimum charge applies, unless picked up before 10am.

Baldrock is always closed in May and November.

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Please be aware we do not board bitches in season or un-neutered cats.


For the health of every boarder, we require vaccination certificates to be presented on arrival.

By submitting your booking, you agree that:

- Your pet is free from ill health and contagious disease and does not have a destructive, dangerous or vicious temperament. Any pet found to be of this nature will need to be removed from the facilities.
- You will pay for any damage to the facilities caused by your pet.
- All vaccines required are up to date and administered no later than two weeks before boarding and that failure to do so will result in the booking being refused. Dogs - Distemper, Parvovirus , Canine Hepatitis , Leptospirosis and Kennel Cough (covering Bordetella strain). Cats - Calicivirus, Rhinotrachritis and Panleukopenia.
- The vaccination certificates must be presented upon arrival prior to boarding.
- Your pet is free from fleas and ticks and that regular treatments are given. If treatment is due please give at least one week before boarding.
- While every care and attention is devoted to all pets in our care, we do not accept responsibility for loss, injury or illness for any reason.
- Should we decide, at our sole discretion, that veterinary attention is required during your pet's stay we reserve the right to arrange for such care and you will meet all fees, including travel/call out costs.
- Your pets are welcome to bring their own bedding and toys but we do not take responsibility for these items. No beanbags please.
- Cats must be neutered and bitches not in season.
- If pets are not collected within 7 days of the pre-booked departure date and no other suitable arrangements have been made by the owners, the pets become the property of Baldrock Boarding Kennel and Cattery and may be re-homed or other arrangements made as we see fit.
- Nominated agents may be asked to produce relevant identification before pets will be released to them.
- We reserve the right to refuse any pet for any reason.
- A surcharge is applicable for statutory public holidays.
- Medications can be administered. Please label clearly.
- All dogs must be on leads and cats in cages before they exit your car.