How far in advance do I need to book my pet's stay?

We recommend booking as early as possible. Baldrock is a small kennel and cattery and books up quickly, especially over the Christmas period.

What will my cat or dog be fed?

We stock a variety of top quality dry and wet food, to suit all diets and tastes. If your pet has any special dietry requirements or you prefer to supply your own pet food, please let us know.

What happens if my pet gets sick or injured?

Every care is taken to ensure your pet has a safe and happy stay. A vet is on call 24 hours a day, in case of emergency. The nearest vet clinic is just 12 minutes drive away.

Do prices increase at peak times?

Our prices are the same all year round, however surcharges are applicable on all statutory holidays.

When is payment due for my pet's stay?

Payment is usually required when you collect your pet, for all days booked.

I can inspect Baldrock before I book my pet?

Yes, inspection is very welcome. Please contact us to arrange a time to visit.

Is there a minimum age for my pet to stay at Baldrock?

Yes, a boarder must be at least 6 months old.

Will you accept a pet that isn't vaccinated?

All boarders must be fully vaccinated or we are unable to accept them.

When can I drop off or pick up my pet?

Arrival and departure is by appointment, so please contact us to set up a time. If your pet is collected prior to 10am on departure day, there's no charge for that day.

Do you offer a discount if I supply my pet's feed?

We are happy to feed any special food you supply but do not offer reductions in boarding fees.

Will you give medication to my pet that I supply?

Yes, but Baldrock does not accept pets that are in seriously ill heath or have a contagious disease or condition. Please advise us of any medical condition before you arrive.

Can you pick up and deliver my pet?

During off peak times, we may be able to offer a collection/ delivery service for an additional charge. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can I bring in my pet's toys and blankets?

Please do! We provide blankets and toys but you're most welcome to bring familiar items for your pet. We don't take responsibility for these items and please; no bean bags or toys that can cause choking.

Will my pet get lonely or bored?

Baldrock was designed to provide companionship and interaction between boarders. Our purpose here is to give your pet a happy home with plenty of love and human time (hugs and kisses too, if required)!

Will you accept my bitch when in season?

No, unfortunately we have no separate facility for in season bitches.

Will you accept my un-neutered cat?

No, Baldrock only accepts neutered cats, for the comfort and hygiene of other boarders.

Is my pet bathed before collection?

Not normally. All borders are housed in a clean environment at all times. Boarders check out in the same condition as they arrived and sometimes better!

What payment methods are available?

Payment can be made by direct credit into our bank account, cash or cheque. Baldrock does not have Eftpos or credit card facilities.