The Cattery

outdoor cattery area

The cattery is situated at the entrance to Baldrock and caters for cats of all types and social preferences!

For cats who prefer their own company, we have individual rooms with large windows at the back for plenty of light. These have a comfy chair, blankets, cushions and a couple of perches for extra height.

For cats who are used to each other’s company but don’t like to socialise with others, there’s a spacious family unit. This is fitted out with a comfy chair and has plenty of places to sleep and lots of opportunities to go climbing.

Blankets and toys are provided, or you are welcome to bring your own.

Lastly, for cats who enjoy company, the large communal area is the place to be.

Boarders here have the run of the playroom and the covered outside deck, all of the time.

They’re not shut away in boxes at night but can choose to sleep wherever they’re most comfortable … even out on the deck if they like.

The outdoor play area is an enclosed, sunny north-facing deck. Indoors and out, there are plenty of hiding places, comfy chairs and high perches for your cat to relax on. On the deck, there are trees to climb and sharpen claws on.

Cats are fed twice daily and we have a variety of quality dry and wet food to choose from to suit even the fussy eaters. The menu options are Royal Canin & Acres.

The cattery is right next to the office and just meters from the house, so cats are seen frequently throughout the day.

A radio is on 24 hours a day to provide music and background voices.

As with every pet here at Baldrock, each cat is given plenty of attention and ‘human time’.