The Kennels

inside kennelsDogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome at Baldrock.

The kennel runs offers spacious, clean, individual indoor/outdoor living areas for fresh air and comfortable temperatures in all weather conditions.

Dogs can choose to stay in their room, or step outside to see what’s going on and chat to their next door neighbour. Each room has raised, slung beds with blankets. This means the beds stay dry and they mould themselves to the dog’s shape for extra comfort.

Every dog is fed twice a day and we always have a variety of quality feed on hand to suit everyone’s taste, including Mighty Mix, Acres & Primal.

During the day, every dog gets as much play time as possible. There are 6 large grassed exercise areas and a concreted area. Each area is securely fenced, with plenty of room to play and run around. We separate dogs into groups depending on size and how much they want to play. We also offer farm walks for dogs with great recall. The whole property has deer fencing so it very secure and they get the opportunity to run free and go for a swim in the pond!

Each dog’s comfort level with other dogs is assessed on arrival, to ensure everyone has a happy stay at Baldrock. We run a very social kennel and ensure every dog gets plenty of social interaction and playtime!